What is all about?

In Expedición Polar we organise national and international photographic adventures to destinations where nature always plays a key role. Photographer and film maker Álvaro Sanz is the founder and the responsible of keeping a growing community of people interested in photography and willing to improve their knowledge while they get out of their comfort zone.

From all of the destinations we've been to, more than 50 up until today from Morocco to Slovenia, islands have always been our favorite choice.

Some of the fondest memories we keep are from our expeditions to Lofoten in Norway, Grinda and Bullerö in Sweden or Gran Canaria and Formentera in Spain. Now we are ready to discover the Atlantic Ocean best kept secret: the Faroe islands.

The Expedición Polar team wants to organise a trip consisting on a 6-day photographic adventure to the Faroe islands where 15 people will learn about photography while discovering the beauty of the islands.

During this week, we not only want to learn about prhotographic technique, discover and improve our own style and think outside the box when it comes to composition but also we want to explore the island, breath its fresh air, eat its delicious food and feel goosebumps while the sun comes up in the Atlantic ocean.

The best selection of the photographic material from this expedition will be available to use by our collaborators.

You will have a better idea if you watch this small video we recorded in our expedition to Morocco last October.


THE explorers

We will invite our more than 15.000 followers and subscribers to join our adventure.

At the end we'll be 15 explorers with lots of things in common: human quality, a special sensitivity, interest in photography and love for our natural environment. And above all, 15 explorers ready to make the most of the islands.


The teacher


Álvaro Sanz 

Alvaro Sanz is a photographer and film maker with over 15 years of experience that has been focused on nature and emotions. Álvaro is brave and restless, that's why he invests all of his efforts in projects he believes in, like his photographic adventures of Expedición Polar. 

Currently he's working on his film documentary Horizonte Norte, about the 2 year and a half trip of his friend Juan Sisto who went from southern Chile to Alaska by bike.

He knows how to express himself and how to communicate, that's why he touches people with his work. He's a true storyteller. 




 March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2016.


Any of the 18 Faroe islands.

We want our explorers to trek in an island where nature is surround us, to discove the gorgeous cliffs and enjoy taking pictures of it, to take a bath in the volcanic baths at Caldeira Velha, to wander around Ponta Delgada and blend with the locals... and to share this experience so it doesn't go unnoticed.

Expedición Polar in social media

Impact in social media is key for a brand. Our project Expedición Polar is viral in 2.0 channels, particularly in Instagram, where we reach almost 6K followers.

When we start preparing a new photographic adventure we use two hashtags in our pictures, #expedicionpolar and another one specially created for the trip. This is how we track our adventures and see how our explorers communicate the experience.

Apart from Instagram, several influent Spanish blogs, like Con Botas de Agua or June Lemon have shared their experiences to their followers. 

Thank you for your time!